Labs and Tasters

Labs and Tasters

Cupping aims to evaluate the organoleptic properties of coffee. Through this process, we identify and classify different cup profiles corresponding to the agro-ecological conditions of the crops in the different coffee growing regions of the country. Before entering the storehouse, the parchment coffee is assessed in order to ensure a better final product.

With seven milling plant strategically located in the coffee growing areas of Colombia, Racafe has consolidated as an expert in the attributes of Colombian coffee thanks to its specialized personnel and modern laboratories in each of the milling plant.

According to its quality policies, Racafe provides the resources needed for all the company tasters to obtain and maintain a valid Q Grader certificate delivered by the Coffee Quality Institute.

Coffee Quality Institute is a non-profit organization that works internationally to ensure the quality of coffee and the improvement of the lives of its producers throughout the production chain, thus increasing value, volume and sustainability.

Coffee Quality Institute